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Brent Dodson (Pappy), Mechanic/Owner

I started working as a mechanic apprentice back in 1972 for Herschel harvey a mechanic/owner at Herschel Garage who had worked in a Columbia MO dealership for many years prior to opening his own mechanic shop. Herschel was well known as one of the best mechanics in central Missouri. As I learned the vehicle repair trade I started going  to technical schools to get my ASE license. In 1976 I opened my first automotive repair shop. Since that time I have specialized in several fields of automotive repair. I am a hands on mechanic/owner I get involved in every repair.

I have come to be known as a mechanic that diagnoses the original problem and fixing that. Fixing the original problem is much more effiencent than fixing what you may think is wrong.  This prevents the customer from having to return a second time with the same problem. 

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With the right tools, you get the job done right the first time.