• “I've dealt with a lot of different mechanics, and I can honestly say that not only is Brent the best mechanic I've ever met, he's also the most trustworthy and will never try and scam you, nor try and falsely charge you.”

    Dylan F
  • “The best place to get your car fixed in Columbia, absolutely no doubt about that! The owner Mr. Brent is an amazing guy and one of the extremely few mechanics who actually care about doing a great job and customer satisfaction. From identifying all the problems correctly to explaining every detail in terms of what was wrong, what the recommended fix was and why it was needed, at every stage he would proceed only after I had completely understood the issue and the costs involved. Not only did he throw in a number of additional services at no charge, he didn't even charge me for a couple of parts because he hadn't considered them in the initial estimate and he didn't want to charge me a cent more than his estimate. Exactly the opposite experience from other places which would happily tack on $50-100 to the estimate towards the end. I drove out of the place with absolute confidence that some really good work had been done on my vehicle and that I hadn't been ripped off for it. Absolutely recommend this place!”

    Kaushal Mehta
  • “Brent did a great job fixing my car. I had originally taken my car to the dealership where they told me I needed a new alternator and were going to charge me an arm and leg. I took my car to Brent and he discovered there was in fact nothing wrong with my alternator, I just needed some belts and pulleys replaced. He was up front and honest , he took the time to explain what I needed and he saved me a lot of time and money. He even stayed late so he could have it back to me the next day. Thank you Brent for you hard work!”

    Amy Hickman
  • “When you walk into a mechanic's shop and the walls are plastered with pictures and and hand written thank you letters, you know you've found a gem. Easily one of the most kind and good natured people I've ever known. I've lived in four states and have had 7 cars in my 26 years of living and Brent is the best mechanic I've ever had by a country mile. Do pass this place by!”

    Raven Osborn
  • “This place saved my hide on a cross-country trip. I limped in from the highway and they dropped everything to redo my brakes same day and get me back on the road.”

    Kodiak Firesmith
  • “My experience with the Automotive Garage of Columbia was EXCELLENT! I had been having issues with starting my car and losing gas very quickly. The first place I went claimed it was my battery and replaced it for $150. However, the problem kept happening, so I knew I needed to go somewhere trustworthy and reliable. I could NOT be happier with the results. Brent is the most caring mechanic I have ever met. I am a 22 year old woman, which can cause some mechanics to up-charge me. Brent found me the cheapest option that would also yield the best results. He even provided my pictures so I would understand exactly where the problem was. He spent a lot of time perfecting the fuel line that was damaged, and making sure it would fix the problem. He even fully checked the car for other problems and filled necessary fluids, such as the windshield washing fluid. Further, I had a problem the next day that was causing my car to make noise. I took it back, and Brent found it was an easy fix (shield loose on my exhaust pipe) and did not even charge me! This place is excellent!”

    Shannon Braida
  • “Truly the best mechanic I have ever worked with. Honest, skilled, and just a great guy.”

     Paul Mahoney
  • “The best repair shop to fix your car in Columbia Missouri. Mr. Brent is a great mechanic. I trust him.”

    Saud Aldawood
  • “Very fair price and was concerned about the customer and not profit. Great mechanic and even better guy.”

    alex walton